Palette options for owner vote

To view display boards (1 for each option), owners should click each box to "open in a new window" so the options can be viewed side by side.
Owners can vote at any time through November 11th.  The ballot box is in Serry's office.  You can also view the option boards there.  Please remember to include your unit number(s).  Cardinal will insert the corresponding the Par Value when tabulating votes.
The layout of both boards is identical so the selections for tile, carpeting and wall coverings are located in the same place on each board. 
The boards feature overhead views of both lobbies together with views of how they will look from the ground level.  
Lobby carpet (for group seating area in diagram) is located right above the furniture on the board.  The rectangle next to the carpet is for the tile (12" x 24") that will be used in all tiled areas in the building.  The square over the carpet is the wall covering that will be used in the lobby.  The print is for either wall paper for the back wall (in the case of the Pitt St. lobby or a translucent window film in the case of the Saint Asaph lobby.  The five squares next to the lobby lighting section are for the various textiles and/or upholstery for the lobby furnishings (bottom three of the group of five) and  the furniture finishes (top two).  
Under the lobby lighting is a metal sculpture that will be mounted where the mirrored windows are currently in place.  
The hallway view shows the carpet pattern (bottom), hallway wall covering (top) and hallway lighting.  No chair rails will line the hallways.  The hallway illustration is only to depict the pattern of the carpeting.
Computer may distort colors, but basically Option 1 is a sage green color, and Option 2 is a tan/pale gold color.  One of the biggest differences is the hallway carpeting.  Wall coverings are textured rather than patterned.  Hallway carpeting on both boards appears darker than it actually is.